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Monday, February 22, 2016
Moose Legion Where Do My Dues Go?
The Moose Legion is known as the Degree of Service. It is made up of Lodge Brothers who desire to do a little more for our philanthropic causes of serving children and seniors as well as those wishing for another avenue to join their membership. Some call it the "Fun Degree". All active Higher Degree men (Fellows & Pilgrims) are first Lodge members-then Moose Legion members, before advancing further to Honorary Degrees.

Part of Moose Legion dues are distributed as follows:
$2.25 to Moosehaven operations:
$2.50 to Moosehaven Senior Medical Fund:
$.50 for operation of Mooseheart's Camp Ross:
$3.25 for International Moose Legion Operations

Additionally, each jurisdiction donates to our annual International Moose Legion projects including:
$.50 for Youth Awareness scholarships...and...approximately
$2.25/$2.50 for an annual capital project...and...much more.

This year's annual project is raising funds to renovate parts of Camp Ross in need of repairs and updating, with a goal of $130,000.00 in funding.

We provide optional contributions to fund Mooseheart student trips, an annual International President's Project for either Mooseheart or Moosehaven and many other special supporting needs as they arise. The International President's Project this year is to replace carpet on the Mooseheart Student Recreation Center (Exercise Room) floor with new rubber flooring which will be more conducive to the use of that area. The goal is $30,000.00 to complete the installation.

Of course we also collect monies and raise funds to support Mooseheart/Moosehaven Endowment Fund. After all-Moose Legionnaires started it as the "Penny Fund" over a hundred years ago.

It is easy to see that our Moose Legion dues truly make a difference in out philanthropic endeavors. Moose Legionnaires can all share the pride in accomplishment of these and many, many more significant contributions to our fraternal programs!!
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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Another Moose year has come and gone. Overall it has been a good year. Our membership again is up and despite not having our game machines our finances are stable. We were able to make improvements such as the new bar and new sheds and most recently a new freezer. Much is left to be done but with a new year it brings a new Board of Officers with new ideas so lets see what happens.

I want to thank the outgoing officers; both men and women; you have all done a great job. Also, thank you to our staff, both bar and kitchen. They work very hard to make your visit to the lodge enjoyable. If we all work together, we can accomplish much.

In closing, let us go forward with good thoughts and good words and good deeds for all mankind.


Ron Yates
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