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Tuesday, May 3, 2016
County Line Pool News - July/August
It's Summer time. You know what that means. State tournaments are coming up for men and women.
The Women's State Tournament is July 8-10th at the Merritt Island Lodge. Teams are forming quickly.

The men's State tournament is scheduled for Labor Day Weekend; September 3rd through 5th. At the Orlando Lodge on Orange Blossom Trail. Teams are forming now. Please see registration forms in the information holder in the pool room.

District 9 Jack & Jill tournament will be held on August 6th and 7th at 766 Lodge on Orange Blossom Trail. Teams for that are forming also. More information will be forthcoming. Please check the information holder in the pool room very soon.

With that being said, and as preparation for the District Jack & Jill, we will be holding our own Jack & Jill tournament on July 16th starting at 7pm SHARP! If you are interested in playing, please contact me for more information.

Keith Lutes
Pool Committee Chairman
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
from Moose International
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Administrator's Message
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Has anyone noticed the price of beer went down? The price of bottle beer is now $2.50, domestic buckets are $11.00 and imported buckets are $12.00. See, we do listen!!

Lets talk a bit about membership. For the first time in four years our membership numbers are down. We seem to do a good job of signing new members but don't always do a good job on retention. We will post a list of expired members. If you know of someone on the list, please contact them. Remember, we are a private organization so membership is vital to our financial well being.

I have been trying to finish this article for a few days and that we have 49 people shot down for no reason. Well it got me thinking about our society in general and the things our kids get into. It did bring up a memory from the past. I met a young man a few years back, call him Joe. His parents were drug dealers and by the time he was 10 years old, he was doing heavy. His father was sent to jail for 40 years, and at the age of 12 his mother was murdered. Not much of a future. His grandparents heard about a place called Mooseheart. Joe started a new life and at the age of 18 he graduated top of his class and had earned a full scholarship. Without Mooseheart he never would have turned 18. Brothers, we should all be proud to be members of the Moose fraternity!


Ron Yates
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